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Louiza Patsis received a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from New York University in May 1993, and a Masters of Science in biomedical journalism from New York University in May 1997. She is currently working on her dissertation in the Palmer School of Information Science Doctoral Program with the topic of telemedicine.

Ms. Patsis and staff have years of experience in continuing medical education, pharmaceutical advertising, and publishing:  textbooks, journal articles, monographs, PowerPoint slides, Flash Points, audio transcribing, communication with physicians, PharmDs, the Food and Drug Administration and the National Drug Authority. Work has included proofreading, copyediting, senior editing and writing, and Greek and Spanish translation. Expertise includes creative writing and legal proofreading, experience writing and editing in the legal, business, and creative fields in English, Greek, and Spanish. Writing samples can be found on this Web site, as well as on Google and Yahoo.

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